Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sure it's killing, its just more vague...

Here is another example of bishops gone bad in the USA.

Bishops Conferences Admit to Approving Abortifacient Drugs for Rape at Catholic Hospitals

The bishops of these dioceses believe they are allowing the use of emergency contraception only in cases where "appropriate testing" has determined that the woman is not pregnant and thus the pill, in halting ovulation may prevent a pregnancy occurring as a result of the rape. The science however does not definitively back up their hopes.

Appropriate testing? We have NO TEST available to pick up a pregnancy that early and they know it. Or maybe they just took a stupid pill they got for cheap at the local Planned Parenthood. We have dealt with this same issue which I blogged on back in March.
The battle between Foys and NKRTL

What makes a baby of rape less of a baby? Killing in the name of rape and incest isn't a sin but killing because you wanted to go party at the bars without a baby is a sin? What kind of morality are we teaching here, bishops?

Acting in an area of life and death in uncertainty, suggests Dr. Kahlenborn, is reckless. "The bishops who approve this are approving potential abortions," he said.

"You have the Catholic doctors telling you this and even Protestant doctors," said Kahlenborn speaking of the Catholic Medical Association and the two Protestant and Mormon physicians who co-authored the study on the morning after pill. "Who are the bishops listening to?," he asked rhetorically.

If this is a matter of wanting the money for providing this service or if they are caving under secular acceptance, that is even more of a crime. To those who are given much, much is expected. Just sad.

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