Thursday, May 10, 2007

Les Femmes, Women of Truth

I wanted to share a site I have loved visiting for over a year now.
Les Femmes, Women of Truth
They have stood up for truth in many areas of the Catholic faith. It was here that I discovered the stories of priests who were persecuted throughout the country. In most cases, these priests have been marginalized or shut out for being too orthodox.

There is also a memorial page for Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., whom I have always admired. Be sure and read that page while you are there as it has links of some great writings.

Lastly, there is a "Don't Touch" section that has a link for VIRTUS information and the truth behind its origins. This was one of the main reasons I felt called to home school my children. Mandating sex ed for my kids at such a young age is despicable. Especially by the very institution trying to teach them morals and aid me in my job as a parent. Eh, it's my blog so I set up a soapbox for a moment. Anyway, I do love this site for the resources and "truthiness".
EDIT: Did I mention that VIRTUS is now mandatory? I wanted to make sure that was clear. You cannot go to a school in the diocese now without the VIRTUS workshop under your belt. Er, no pun intended. I guess it is obvious this miffed myself and many other parents I know. Here is another link on the Fr. Altier site to reference more about this: Not Safe Anymore

According to LifeSite News, one of the first endorsements for the safe environment program VIRTUS came from Catholic Rainbow Parents based in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, a group of parents of homosexuals who actively lobby for the rights of the GLBT community within the Catholic Church.


Jacob said...
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a thorn in the pew said...

I have not heard of the book but it sounds interesting. I hope to read this summer, between work, breaking up video game fights and keeping the kids busy. We are starting a CUF book club this month which should be very cool. I have the CUF info if you would like to come some time. I think there is a meeting next Thursday(I have to get the book too.)

Maura said...

I'm wondering - is it the very *idea* of sexuality education for young children that you are against - or is there something about this *particular* curriculum that is troubling to you?
I did read the link and found it interesting... although I do disagree with one aspect (their disagreement with the "myths and facts" at the beginning of the video). I do not know the statistics with regard to the sexual abuse of children by priests, so I will take their word for it (and agree, based upon what I have heard) that the (vast, it seems) majority of abuse incidents within the church were committed upon boys... but it is true in GENERAL that girls are more likely to be victims of sexual molestation than boys are.

a thorn in the pew said...

I am against introducing sexual ideas to children that are innocent and have none of those ideas in their heads. I believe that things of this nature should be taught by the parents only, as it is their duty. I am also against the paranoia this program creates in finding suspect and blame where there may be none. I also think by training the parents, they are totally missing the boat. By training the parents, you make the parents into suspects of one another. These pedophiles are NOT straight, married parents. This was not the basis of the scandal nor what diocese should focus on. There is still cover-up going on until this day by diocese, such as ours, that refuse to release the names of the accused. Why protect them and punish the parents? If you don't go through this rediculous training you cannot go to a child's classroom, go on a field trip or volunteer at any school? So we protect the identity of the pefophile and force the parents to go through a "training" and teach children names like "*enis" and **agina". An air of mistrust and suspect is not a good learning environment and I have seen first hand the negative results of VIRTUS training. I know someone(parents) personally who left the church because of the "forced" training. I bet there are more because they wrote a letter to the diocese upset and the response was unbelievably patronizing and cold. I pray that the pedophiles names come out so the innocent priests may get the respect and honor they deserve in our diocese. That is the real crime. The guilty are still being protected until this very day.

a thorn in the pew said...

I need to clarify my last comment. This is not a matter of protecting the identity of pedophile priests, it is homosexual priests they are protecting. Pedophiles bother with much younger children. This is homosexual priests that are continuing the cycle of abuse by covering for one another and keeping the identities secret. It is unfair both to the victims and the many, many innocent holy priests. I wanted to make that clear.