Friday, February 2, 2007

The battle between Foys and NKRTL

A new article is published in The Kentucky Post about the on-going battle between Bishop Foys and Northern Kentucky Right to Life This battle has been alive since the days of Bishop Hughes who served until 1995. What is currently happening at St. Elizabeth Hospital here in Northern Kentucky is nauseating. Here is an excerpt from the article:

One involves the morning-after pill, a concentrated dose of regular birth-control pills that women who want to prevent a pregnancy take after they've had sexual intercourse. Right to Life argues that the pill can cause a fertilized egg not to implant in the uterus, which the organization says is tantamount to murder. Others say the drug only prevents fertilization or ovulation.

The article goes on to list all the nonsense such as withdrawing food and water and other problems in direct defiance of Catholic teaching. Allowing pro-abort speakers in our churches is another problem that the latest bishops refuse to deal with on any level. This quote especially rubs me the wrong way:

The bishop probably has so many things on his plate that he can't respond to all their demands at this point, Collins said.

Foys welcomes everyone concerned about protecting life to support and pray for the diocese's efforts, he said.

"Bishop Foys' pro-life beliefs and his adherence to and proclamation of Catholic Church teaching stand for themselves," Fitzgerald said.

Right to Life, however, would probably prefer another bishop like Ackerman.

NKRTL has done more to keep abortion mills out of KY and limited the ability to provide abortions on the other side of the river as well. They have changed the political landscape of our region by making politicians accountable for their views on life issues(as well as making their voting records public). Just one more page in the ongoing saga in our diocese. Hopefully in the end, the real winners will be the number of lives saved.

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