Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer Buddy and Lent thoughts

Been very busy and suffice it to say, Lent went off with a bang. Day before Ash Wednesday my eye was swollen shut. Ash Wednesday I was so looking forward to Mass in the evening and I got a huge pain across my back in the shoulder blades that kept me from walking much and unable to sit up without a heating pad, missed Mass and cried. So my prayer buddy(picked from Sew Infertile's blog) has some wonderful "offering it up" items :) We have decided to say the rosary every day during Lent as a family so she will have those prayers too. I prayer very hard for my infertile blog friends, hope this goes well.
I am having the kids make Lenten calendars and a Lenten jar to help us. I told them I want Jesus to transform them during Lent. Sometimes, I don't think kids realize when they are being selfish or impulsive. The boys have so much to work on there, approaching the puberty years will not be fun. I have been warned.
So tomorrow we are hoping to go to stations and maybe a fish fry. The youngest Thorn's birthday party is this weekend so lots to do there, too.
I am balancing so much, new business ventures and trying to stay on top of homeschool. Sometimes I look back at the week and wonder how I got it all in. I don't get to blog as much, not as much personal time. I can handle that. I keep telling God I can't do this alone and not to leave me. Sometimes the wonder of God chokes me up and I cry. That's okay, huh? It's getting to crying every Sunday at Mass. I cried when I told the kids about the gift of their Catholic faith today. If I cry and they get it, it must be working.

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