Monday, January 26, 2009

You, my dear lady, are no Catholic



Congressional Democrats' "Stimulus" Bill Includes Taxpayer Funding for Contraceptives, Abortion Industry

Next to the pope, Boehner is my hero. Excellent Catholic example. He is the anti-Pelosi. As my son would say, he is an arch enemy!(of Pelosi, etc).

Can we funnel this info to the Vatican? Pelosi apparently can't be rehabilitated so can't we start a petition to get her butt excommunicated? She is an embarrassment to Catholics everywhere. I have prayed for her, many have. It does no good.

NANCY'S JAZZ HANDS.(I know, perfect for liturgical dancing. We will have to find others.)

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Sew said...

This woman makes me want to puke! She is the youngest of 6, has 5 children, and 7 grandchildren and seems to be still confused about when life starts! I HATE HER!! I mean how can a woman mother 5 children and still be confused as when life starts! Some B&^%$ are given the miracle of life and still spit in the Creators face and then have the audacity to call themselves Catholic.

I just emailed her over the weekend. Unfortunately my email didn't go through. Go figure!