Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 Surprising Things

Ok, here it goes. I am sure this will be all over the place so I suppose you can make fun. I had fun reading everyone's lists.

1. I am an architecture/history buff. I love thinking of buildings in their heyday and pouring over historical event sites. I wanted to be an architect like my grandfather when I was young.

2. I studied directing, acting and eventually costume design in school. I sometimes miss the family spirit of the theater but realize my conservative leanings would have never blossomed in that environment.

3. I obsessed with etiquette and manners. I stopped dating boys after the first date if they had horrid manners(or grooming). Now I just drive my family nuts.

4. I hate northern climates. I mean really hate. Naked trees and grey slushy crap upsets me.

5. I used to break dance and was in a group in high school. I also won a Madonna look-a-like contest during this same time period(dated myself there, huh?) I even had the slight gap in my teeth.

6. I will talk to someone and leave out details that are important because I assume they know(when they have no clue). Hey, I know what I am talking about! Do they really need to know? Haha.

7. I love old school country music. I love artists that invoke the original charm of country music without getting into the pop/rock realm.

8. I live with post it notes, to-do lists, white board charts and forced organizational aids. I have to know what is on the horizon always.

9. I love scotch.

10. I was almost cast in the movies "A League of Their Own" and "Dogfight". I was called back but would have had to take a semester off school. The other movie they called me for final casting while I was away for Thanksgiving break.


allyouwhohope said...

Break dancing? Wow, that's definitely a surprise! But very cool!!

And that's fascinating about #10! Were you going to be an extra or something bigger than that? (or maybe one of the main roles.. I guess I shouldn't assume there's not a star among us!). And would you have told Madonna about about the look-alike contest? Haha.

a thorn in the pew said...

A League of Their Own, I would have been a ball player on one of the teams. For Dogfight, it would have been a bigger role, but I didn't know I got called back until I came back from break. Wasn't meant to be...
No, I wouldn't have told her...haha.

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

#4 made me laugh! And, very impressive about the break-dancing, ha!!

And, who knew you were almost a movie star??