Friday, April 23, 2010

KRLA and the non- Rand Paul endorsement scandal

I took a break from this political drama in the last two days. This is getting more upsetting to me and hits me to the core. It offends me as a mother, a catholic, a pro-lifer, an American and most importantly, a Kentuckian. A fellow Kentucky blogger has investigated this matter and an AP press release shows that Rand Paul doctored(from his original faxed and mailed copy) the questionnaire to KRLA(Kentucky Right to Life Association). The question is not even what his beliefs are in regards to abortion. I have discussed these before and I am dead set against his brand of life legislation. Do I trust a man who would leave a question blank, then put in writing that he received a 100% rating from KRLA(when in fact he did not) and try to cover up his indiscretion with a smear campaign against KRLA, a well respected pro-life organization in Kentucky. I have to include the facts presented by Graas, who said it well(regarding why Paul was not endorsed by KRLA):
Further, he wouldn't have been endorsed even if he filled it all out because (1) he's never served in political office, (2) he's never been active in the pro-life movement though he's traveled the country giving speeches on war and fiscal issues, (3) his opponent has served in office with character, (4) his opponent has served on the board of a crisis pregnancy center, (5) his opponent was endorsed in the past, (6) he's made public statements saying he is unclear on whether he would vote to keep the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and (6) he's promoted the morning after pill as a positive good for society.

This story has been covered in,, USA Today and This is not a minor issue. It is a game changer, or should be if you are concerned about someone being honest and the lives of the unborn.
I'm not going to elaborate anymore on this issue. It is most important to those in KY because our commonwealth is being taken by this fraudster who will do and say anything to get elected. He even masks it by a statement on Israel yesterday(while his father voted last night against sanctions against Iran...kack)
Okay, I'm worn out. I will keep praying that those in KY, the state I love, will wise up and learn the truth about this man. He is not who he pretends to be. I hope they learn quickly.

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