Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NKRTL and Rand Paul endorsement nonsense

I have been following different outlets on the so-called pro life endorsement of Rand Paul. There are troubling "connect-the-dots" events that override this endorsement. I am a firm believer that they should have left well enough alone, singly endorsed the true pro life candidate Buckmaster(D) and let this go. When, in the history of NKRTL did they have to call a candidate in for questions and a sit down? A Kentucky blogger has tied the some of the money trail to a company in NKY that also donates to NKRTL. The "family" also has a bit of cross pollination going on with campaigns.
"He’ll also speak at a fundraiser for Rick Brueggemann, who’s running for Boone/Gallatin District Court Judge in the May 18 primary."

So you can connect the dots and look at the landscape and come to your own conclusions. I'm not saying you cannot have candidates support each others campaigns but I have felt this NKRTL endorsement is far from typical. It is dangerous and as Graas has surmised, even Judie Brown has recently stated the Paul brand of support for the cause is "pro-abortion", allowing the federal government to call the unborn "persons" but then states can allow them to be killed anyway. This would also allow for more widespread late term abortions.
This talk in Cothran's article of "allegations" is unfounded. There are actual quotes of Rand Paul's that can be found online, which I have put here(on this blog) of his questionable stance on life issues(not to mention gay marriage, etc.) An allegation is a claim or accusation. Rand Paul's own words in print to media outlets prove his stance on the life issues.
I have talked with the diocesan Pro-Life Commission and they are even taken aback by the behavior of NKRTL and they are worried because the confusion still exists that NKRTL is part of the Diocese of Covington. They have reason to worry. This PAC organization has definitely gone rogue and it is a blessing that our bishop had the discernment to distance NKRTL from the people in the pews. As a local catholic, I am feeling the fallout from this mess. Do you know that people are unaware of any other candidate because the blindly trust NKRTL's endorsement? To be honest, their endorsements have never been questionable to me in the past. This is truly a departure from the way they have operated in prior election cycles.
If you have any questions regarding Paul's dangerous stance on the lives of the unborn, you can find his quotes on social issues, partial birth abortion ban, Plan B, the falsely termed "states rights" argument for the unborn and more.
Anyone can answer the NKRTL and give 100% pro life responses. Are they genuine? Are they truthful? Does NKRTL really want to take a new direction on the life issue and align with the Ron/Rand Paul brand and dismiss Judie Brown of ALL, who has been a guest at their pro life events? Again, should have endorsed Buckmaster and stayed out of the rest.


Lisa Graas said...

Thanks. I linked back. I don't think that there is necessarily anything corrupt going on here. The factor of money just raises a question in my mind and seems to merit a call for people to read the legislation, consider the arguments about it and decide for themselves. That's the responsible way to go about it, I think. What really pains me most of all is the confusion regarding whether or not NKRTL is a diocesan office. It's not, and I think that is the primary point that people need to understand here. Thank you for making that clear. I provided an update on my blog with a clarification, as well.

Percolating Petals said...

My husband and I have been rather preplexed, as we received literature in the mail from Grayson saying that he was 100% Pro-Life. The Central KY RTL office endorsed him...but on their website you cannot find the survey. Nor can you find the reasons they did not endorse the other candidates. Apparently Grayson didn't even answer NKRTL's questionaire... is this common for the different pro-life groups in the state to disagree? It's such as shame as KY is more Pro-Life than the other states.

a thorn in the pew said...

There is good reason for Grayson not answering, I believe. First, he is not catholic. Second, he does not believe the pill/condoms belong in the abortion issue. Unfortunately, most catholics also agree with this. NKRTL questionnaire is very catholic in nature and forces candidates to either lie or have a total catholic view on all life issues. Either way, it is damaging to the political landscape.
The reason Grayson's questionnaire is not found online is because it is not in question. He answered all "yes" and there were no discrepancies. If there were, they would have dealt with that accordingly. I will be adding another blog post that will have a link to Grayson's letter to NKRTL as well as addressing this new information in today's paper.(see link)