Saturday, May 1, 2010

Will the real Rand Paul please stand up...

Much of my attention has been devoted to local politics lately. Today is no exception. I wanted to make sure I wasn't posting from my emotions so I waited until most of the coverage and press died down from the KRLA vs. Rand Paul/David Adams saga. Those in the state of Kentucky and beyond may have received word that Rand Paul, running for senate, has been caught lying about his pro-life credentials. He faxed over an incomplete questionnaire in February to Kentucky Right to Life Association. He left the question blank that asks the question regarding stem cell research and cloning. PDF here This would have been a non-issue if Paul wasn't sending out campaign materials claiming he filled it out 100% pro-life. This has now made national news. This is not about being 100% pro-life or not. This is about can we trust a candidate that can't admit the truth, that he doesn't believe in a national stem cell ban or that he made a mistake. Instead, he goes about spreading lies about KRLA thinking he has no accountability. David Adams, his manager, has even went so far as to call for Paul supporters to dig and investigate further any lead possible into anything questionable that his opponent, Trey Grayson, might be framed for(I suppose to take the focus off this).
Here are a few links for more information on this:
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I feel Dr. Paul is not the man he is presenting to Kentucky voters. He is being disingenuous by not being forthright about his libertarian views on abortion, the 14th amendment, what he said prior to seeking office and so much more. He hasn't brought up his support for Adam Kokesh, radical ex-marine who sympathizes with Code Pink and tells our soldiers to leave battle and protests anything war related. Paul has big supporters in the white supremacist movement and followers of Alex Jones. It is shocking to me that Kentuckians can't research such things on their own. If they are that desperate to change Washington, so we really want a radical replacing what we currently have?
In the end, this does not bode well for Northern KY Right to life, who not only endorsed Rand Paul but called him in for special questioning. Was he honest on their questionnaire? What was the real purpose of the questioning? Did the committee at NKRTL take everything he said at face value without researching his comments pre-circa May 2009 were apposed to his answers on the questionnaire? He has been caught in a lie that has statewide repercussions and is now a case of honesty and integrity, not even his pro-life stance. Can KY voters believe anything he says when he has tried so hard to prove KRLA wrong? If you are, as you say, Dr. Paul, 100% pro-life, why would you want an organization such as KRLA to be drug through the mud and ruin their reputation with your lie when they have done so much good at saving the lives of countless babies? How does that benefit you or them? He even put the form he "meant to send" on his website. This is after the fact and after he calls them liars. The whole thing is bizarre and to be honest, I didn't even think he would go to such lengths to prove a point that has been shown to be a lie in multiple news outlets.
So we have a few weeks before the primary here in Kentucky. I pray we make the right choice. If Rand Paul makes it though the primaries, I believe the democrat nominee and their minions will have Rand Paul's question of honesty and radical ideas for lunch. It has not made national news that is this scenario comes to fruition, the GOP seat in KY is greatly at risk this November.