Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hormonal screen and chart update

So I get a call from my doc last night and he tells me to stop charting. Sigh. I didn't have my peak day yet. Over a week of being poked and bruising and nothing. Not to mention my P being on CD28 or up is not cool. I am talking with my Creighton teacher tonight. I'm kinda a mess over it. Right now my prayer is to figure out what is going on quickly and get on the proper treatment. I'm trying to be patient(I promise I am). I think if I was in my 20's patience wouldn't be an issue. I'm on CD30 now, usually a 28 day and very regular, now, not so much. So, that's all I know. I can't make a follow-up until these tests are done and I didn't have peak-type until day 34 last month. This month, one day of 10CKL on day 17 then boom. Now I'm in a run of 10's and 8L....yish. I'm just going to have to keep my chins up.

CORRECTION********* Doctor said to stop the LABWORK. I was apparently tired and frustrated when I wrote this. It looks like, if things go as such, I will start over on Sunday with the labs.


Sew said...

I am so sorry!!! Every day we are reminded by the inability of our bodies to function normally. Why would he want you to stop charting? Just wondering!

Thank you for your sweet comments! They mean so much to me!

Jessica said...

Hi :)
I noticed on Sew's blog you mention you had 2nd IF?
If you have the time, I would really like to talk about it, as I am going through it right now..
I couldn't find your email on your blog or I would have contacted you that way first!
Pax Christi,

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you. God loves you and has a plan for you - you already know that.

Samantha said...

I have no clue what all of those acronyms are.. but I hopeyou are doing great, hang in there, you're still in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

whew, when you said, "stop charting" my heart flew into my throat!!!! thanks for clairfying.