Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to the baby board

I have a NFP/dr appointment. Now granted, I have thyroid and adrenal issues I need to take care of but I can't believe I am going back into this minefield. I hate to admit I don't have good charting. I haven't been temping since my M/C. I know I will get scolded for these things. I believe I had a good 10CL on CD12 and 13 this month which is awesome for me. I used to be CD 17 or worse. I will keep you all posted on what comes of this. I have a designer friend of mine who has had 4 M/C and is preg in 16 weeks. Sometimes hope sucks. I mean that to be part humorous and part serious. I still have hope. At 41 with 3 miscarriages under my belt, I still believe we may welcome another life some day. I need to get back to praying about this more. Most of my energy has been focused in praying for some other people close to me and for my blog friends that they may get and maintain a pregnancy. What if I still can? What if God is leading me there? I don't know anymore. I'm going into the wild blue with this homeschool thing so who knows.
My diet stinks. Stress does that to me. I cannot get healthy and pregnant(and carry to term) alone. No way. It will take serious divine intervention on this. Ora pro nobis.


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Thorn, have you heard of Reliv? I have gone to a few meetings about it in the past week. It's a nutrition product and people have had amazing results with it. Basically they say that it's such optimum nutrition that it helps your body heal itself. The stories people tell are amazing. Let me know if you want me to find out more information for you.