Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No regrets least not at the present. We are trying to muddle through the last week or so of school. I had an "oh no, anything but that" moment when one of my children told me they would be waving "streamers in a procession" before Mass on Friday. Yes, I was sure they were turning my child into a liturgical dancer. They know we are traditional, regardless, it doesn't sit well with me. I have decided it is not worth calling the school to battle why flags and streamers are being used during Mass. My kids don't want to do these things, sometimes it is forced on them(or they don't know what they are getting into) and they begged me to homeschool them for the rest of the year(hello, 8 days left). Sometimes they raise their hands to do something(in other words, get picked) only to find their assignment is actually happening during the holy sacrifice of the Mass. It is beyond frustrating.
I'm sure, God in his goodness knew I was having doubts, scared, wanting to trust. He just wanted to make sure I plow forward with no doubts. The catholic school system needs our attention and our prayers. My kids have been made fun of for abstaining on Fridays(they are having hot dogs this week and we can't pack peanut butter....nut free school), wearing scapulars, not wanting to play "bells" immediately after communion...the list goes on and on. I called the school once to voice my concerns and realized it was not going to result in any change so I gave up and prayed that God lead our family where He desired us to be. There have been some major security issues that have prompted our homeschool decision as well. There are "many" non-catholics at the school which would be okay if they played by the rules and are not behavioral issues. So, we are blazing into homeschooling and I just can't look back at how we could have made it better.
If we parents, who send our children to catholic schools for the "catholic" education are silenced, as many of us are, what you have left are marginal, liberal and non-catholic parents(and children) to support the catholic school system. We give up, turn to homeschool. However, this movement of homeschoolers is necessary to continue a generation of catholics who live their faith and hold it to be the most important part of their education. These children will not be able to influence other(children) because the authentic catholic teaching, devotionals and the fiber of what makes us catholic has been removed from the schools. We had good, devoted priests at this school but that cannot correct the daily teaching and influence of irreverence when they are not present. We leave the school system here in Covington with a heavy heart but I could no longer justify keeping them somewhere they feel uncomfortable and embarrassed by their faith. I know other parents have been in my shoes. The difference is I have special needs children and still have to run my business while homeschooling. Unless, by the grace of God, I gain super powers, I may be in the middle of the street, buzzed on caffeine and drooling in a big heap by this time next year. I have no way of knowing what lies ahead.

"If you want your kids to defend their Faith send them to a public school, if you want them to lose their Faith send them to a Catholic School."
-- Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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