Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fr. Corapi and ha ha ha

As we prepare to enter a new era in politics and perhaps society in general, keep something in mind: WE WIN! No matter what political party is in power at a given point in time, in the end those that remain faithful to Jesus Christ win the war. We may have to fight many battles outnumbered and even despised and looked upon as criminals and outcasts by a society that is unraveling and degenerating into something no one could have imagined.
What matters is that we run the race to the finish line and fight the good fight. Don't "go with the flow", for as the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen reminds us, "Dead bodies float downstream." More than ever we shall have to be strong in the faith. Regular and worthy reception of the sacraments, constant prayer, and rigorous study of the faith is now essential, not merely a luxury.

That email from Fr. Corapi was a breath of fresh air. It's funny, in a serious way. We know who wins in the end. I had many well-wishers on Facebook, a pretty card from Mr. Thorn and right now, my new goal for my birthday is to get through the next "whatever"(night, day, weekend) without a kid throwing up. Sounds reasonable, no? I picked up the kids only to hear some dumb kid threw up on my youngest(what makes a kid not get to the bathroom or, more insane, yack on the kid next to them?) If I get through this, I will be happy, happy, happy. I have two up on couches with a bucket(nothing yet) and one recuperating in his room from being ill earlier in the week(and took a half day today).

I just had to share that email from Fr. Corapi...WE WIN. Thank God. So we are going into the new "thing" next week but we should play cards, bake cookies or pray on Tuesday instead of fretting over the news coverage. I'm going to try. Ha ha. Try. For now, I'm praying Hail Mary's I get through this night without fretting. One day at a time...

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LarryD said...

Knowing we win is the source of our hope. Getting to the finish line will be through the strength of our faith.

Me thinks we'll have to be very strong now.