Friday, January 16, 2009

Can I get a "Woot!"?

We made it through the night without incident. Yeah baby! Funny how the littlest things get me happy now. Yeah, no one threw up! Ha ha. I am enjoying my coffee and warm goat's milk and debating on getting warm on the couch for a bit. I'm relieved the birthday thing is over. And....I connected with my long-lost BFF from college last night! We found each other on Facebook. There are officially lots of bloggers on there so if you want an add, comment here and I will not publish your comment but look you up on Facebook(need a name) and add you to my list.
I'm determined to get back to the real world this weekend. I'm back on my food plan(no cake, no drinks) and I can feel the energy back in my system. Odd how that works. I am going to work today and if I feel up to it, fabric shop for my business and have lunch with my mom. This is how liberating it is to make it past that dumb birthday(with no one getting

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