Monday, December 24, 2007

Cause I don't want coal...

The latest conversation with the littlest Thorn went like this:
"Um, I think I will really try to behave today"
"Yeah, cause I really, really, really don't want coal"
"Huh. Well why is that?"
"Because it is messy and when I play with it, you would yell at me for making a mess"
"Really? I didn't think of that."
"Yeah but I plan on giving it to _____(her oldest brother) because he would really like it if I do get coal"
"Sounds like you have it all worked out then"


Anonymous said...

kroger had "chocolate coal" we bought some just to give the kids a shock...

Lily said...

I just love being a mom sometimes, moments like these are priceless.

Mac McLernon said...

Happy Christmas, Thorn!

Tracy said...

Merry Christmas!!