Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Do Not Believe in Lycanthropes

I was so busy with life, I missed this:

I Do Not Believe in Lycanthropes
No matter how callous this may sound, Heindl deserved the bites and infections that he received. He also learned a very important lesson that day. Yes, he did have to spend a week in the hospital because of the blood loss and the ruined eye, but no, he was not attacked by a so-called “Man Wolf.” I hope this sets your mind at ease. All are welcome at our farm!

Man, he breaks me up.

For you hardcore Office fans, I came upon this:

This show is sometimes my only comic relief during the week. Thank you "Dwight" for making me laugh so hard.

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NeoDidymos said...

Thanks for the link--Dwight's my hero :)