Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vaccinations and newborns

My brain has been on this lately and it is hard not to worry. I am convinced that vaccinations caused my boys autism. I found this 2003 article on WND that sums up my rage against the CDC:
Newborn vaccinated over parents' objections
Orwellian nightmare for 'persecuted' couple
as armed guards ensure infant's vaccination

Of particular interest and in total agreement I found this:
"We believe in God, and that God has created us in his image. In being created in God's image, we are given his perfect immune system. We are bestowed with His gift, the immune system. We believe it is sacrilegious and a violation of our sacred religious beliefs to violate what God has given us by showing a lack of faith in God. Immunizations are a lack of faith in God and His protection, the immune system," the father maintains.

If we are to be people of faith then this has to be true. I first have religious objections to vaccines and second, I believe the government is trying to poison our children because they are "in bed with" big pharmaceuticals. I have a right to believe this(it's a free country, or so we are told).
A friend of mine told me Jenny McCarthy was on Oprah yesterday discussing her new book about her son, Evan, who is autistic. Like my younger son, he started showing obvious signs much after birth(age 2). For my son it was age 4. The connection? Both my son and Evan were vaccinated right before they "lost" everything. All those milestones, eye contact, for my son, toileting, sleep, happiness. It is a parents worst nightmare. You wake up one day and someone has taken your happy, precious child and replaced him with an apathetic robot who you can never keep content or happy. Thankfully, we have stopped vaccinating completely and my daughter has no signs at all. She had no vaccines after 6 month(much to the dismay of her pediatrician).
Why am I spouting off on this subject? I believe it is my job to warn other parents. No one else will. The government won't do it, the hospital won't do it and your doctor certainly won't do it.
As a family, we are in damage control mode now. Whatever we can do to make their burden lighter and their lives a bit easier, we do for them. But I can't go back and say no. I live with that guilt everyday. Now that I am informed, I'm a doctor's nightmare. That's what a protective mother bear should be. Here is the link for the book:

Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism

Another interesting link/study can be found here:

California/Oregon Unvaccinated Study
"We surveyed over 9,000 boys in California and Oregon and found that vaccinated boys had a 155% greater chance of having a neurological disorder like ADHD or autism than unvaccinated boys." -Generation Rescue, June 26, 2007

Scary stuff, no?


Beth said...

Hey I've been really worried about this too. My daughter has had 3 sets of shots but not the MMR one. I am going to have to do some research before her 12 month appt. It's so scary!!

Tracy said...

My brother's little girl is five and she has severe autisim, but unlike what you are discussing, we all knew something was "not right" from the moment they brought her home from the hospital, ( she was born 6 weeks early) so for us it was just a matter of finding out what was wrong but I have read about the studies you are taking about and I can see why some people do the "delayed" vaccing.. it is something each parent must look into and I don't blame you for being concerned, it is a concern and it needs to be addressed in this country.. I hope you find the answers you need.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

oh my GOSH! I was just going down my list of blogs to check out for tonight and RIGHT BEFORE I clicked on you, I was thinking something about vaccines! I haven't thought about it for a long time. It went something like this...(in my head)"Hmmmm, I wonder if Antonia is going to continue to blog...she is so great with her new medical knowledge and her wonderful, youthful look at her faith and I agree with everything she says...except that one time when we disagreed about the HPV vaccine...but she's young and doesn't have children yet...I wonder if when she becomes a doctor and maybe has kids, she would question vaccines more and maybe even help us figure out the whole mess?..." I SWEAR that was going through my head the second I clicked on your post! WEIRD!!!!! I don't have any vaccine damaged children but I did have an issue with the doctor's giving my second child the hepB vaccine series without my permission (it's a weird story but if you want to know about it, I'll email you) that started the ball rolling and now I don't ever do shots. I know too many people that SWEAR it was the shots that caused their children's autism. I am not willing to take that risk. I even found out that now, when the baby is born, they use the drop of blood to store in some kind of "genetic information bank" of the government. You can opt to have the sample destroyed but hardly anyone even knows they store the sample, much less how to sign anything that opts out of that program. Keep your hands off my kid's DNA! I say! I take the vitamin K shot for the kids, but I say no to the stupid eye goo (because there is NO chance I have gonorrhea! which is the only reason they do that!)or any other thing they would like to shoot into my child minutes after they are born! I would have no reason to question the things hospitals/doctors routinely do if it weren't for the whole vaccine question.

From Modest Means said...

Thank you for your timely blog. I'm vacillating between waiting until my kids are older or fighting and trying to get an exemption, as my state has one of the tougher rules for exemption. My kids are never sick as I do try to stick to healthy foods and the only time they ever got sick was at the "well baby' examinations.
I am interested on your view point on vaccinations and why some might be against Catholic doctrine.

FloridaWife said...

Hi, Pew. Thanks for posting this.

gemoftheocean said...

Very Scary - one has to wonder why autism was virtually unheard of when I was growing up, and now it seems if not "common" certainly a condition that most people know about. It's more than fair to ask what's causing it. And also you have to wonder about "amnioc" that seems routinely given to pregnant women - some number of children in the womb will be harmed by this - if you wouldn't abort your child (and I hope no one reading this would even consider that) why do amnio?

Mrs. L said...

Thank you for posting all of this info on vaccinations. Maybe in the future you could post on the topic of how to get "exempt" from vaccinations, dealing with the school while not having vaccinations, etc. I know each state's laws are different, but some general info would be great!

Chris said...

I found this blog while researching this article. My wife and I have a 3 month old that we have chosen not to vaccinate. We made this decision after significant research starting well before she was born. I have been to seminars regarding this topic and feel the evidence points to the need not vacinate. We see a chiropractic professional weekly who speaks often on this topic on the dangers of vacines and autism. Their approach is not to interfere what God has given our bodies, if the spine has the healthy curvature and free from sublixation a babies immune system is sufficient to combat illness. Vacinations only promote short term immunity and contain many toxins. I feel that we have been persecuted by our decision as this past week our day care provider that works out of her home told us that she would refuse to take care of our child after watching her for a month after concerns from another parent about our child not being vacinated. Our child has met all her milestones for her age and is very alert bright eyed. Our health care provider mentions he can see obvious difference that a baby vacinated loses alertness. I cannot be coincidental that there are so many people that have the same thought independently.