Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vitamin K shots

Vitamin K at Birth:
To Inject or Not

This is another issue that has come up in my studying the early vaccinations and shots. Until I did this research, I was going to go ahead with the vitamin K.
In cooperation with a "national standard," most, if not all states have mandated that U.S. hospitals routinely administer to all newborns a synthetic, fat-soluble vitamin K injection (generic name phytonadione) that exceeds an infant’s recommended daily dietary intake of the vitamin by 100 times.
Peer reviewed journals have linked large doses of vitamin K to childhood cancers and leukemia. Animal studies have linked large doses of vitamin K to a variety of conditions that include anemia, liver damage, kidney damage and death.

I understand the reasoning behind the K shot, there is a deficiency bleeding that occurs in newborns between 3-7 weeks that the K shot prevents. But exceeding the infant's intake by 100 times? Good grief, what are they trying to do. After further research, it seems best to really utilize the colostrum in breast milk which is rich in vitamin K and also, if concerned, use a liquid supplement. Here is another quote which is logical and well put:
Commonsensically, VKR poses the question, " could God (or nature)have erred so badly as to give all newborn babies only an infinitesimal fraction of their required vitamin K? Surely the human race could not have survived to this point if all newborns were born with this deficiency and none being administered at birth until very recently."
(this information found here: Vitamin K)
Newborn Vitamin K administration linked to higher cancer rate for 1-6 year old children

Sigh. I need to just collect data, decide what we are not going to do, get liquid vitamin K on hand(or I will supplement while nursing) and be done with this. The most important thing is to sign that waiver to nix this CDC/big brother mandated junk before they get their hands on my newborn. See, I told you I get over-protective(with good reason). After the lies about vaccines I have been fed, I won't fall for it again. I had a normal child that woke up autistic after shots. That is criminal and won't happen again.


FloridaWife said...

Thank you for posting these. I intend to breastfeed. Maybe these shots were put in place because women were breastfeeding less and newborns were not getting the benefit??

Can you post on WHICH shots ARE okay to get?

a thorn in the pew said...

There aren't any that are okay really. You are shooting a disease into a newborn's system that can result in a dose to large and they can have many complications. Not just autism, ADHD and athsma. This is also why babies become jaundice, have the flu, meningitis, weakened immune....the list goes on. The only thing that is even remotely safe is the eye drops. Even that is contriversial to give to a mother with no history of STD.

bedfordshire said...

Glad you're getting all your ducks in a row regarding Vitamin K. I had planned to use an oral K only to find, after an emergency delivery, that the hospital didn't stock any and couldn't obtain it in a reasonable timeframe. I caved in and let them give my child the injection but I was extremely disappointed.