Friday, September 21, 2007

Catholic objections to vaccinations

I was asked to address the Catholic perspective of why we refuse vaccinations. Initially, before my boys were diagnosed with autism, I learned much from the mothers in my Right to Life group at my parish. I was shocked that many of the mandated vaccines contain lines that originate from aborted fetal tissue. This information can be found from medical sources online but your doctor will probably not admit to knowing about it(or if he does, won't see the big deal)

Why You May Not Want to Vaccinate - Making An Informed Choice
Vaccines Grown on Aborted Fetal Tissue

Here is a shocking excerpt(letter in response to NVPO query):
Thank you for your letter concerning the use of aborted fetal tissue in vaccines. Human cell-line cultures are used during production of some vaccines such as varicella, rabies, inactivated polio virus, and hepatitis A. Some of these cell lines originated from fetal tissue obtained from legal abortions in the 1960s. The term "cell-line culture" refers to the substrate substance that is used for the propagation of a live virus that is used in the production of a viral vaccine. Fetal tissue has not been used to produce licensed vaccines. These tissues were used to establish cell cultures, and it is these established cell cultures that have been used to propagate virus. Since cell lines can be maintained indefinitely, no additional aborted fetuses have been used since the cell lines were initiated in the 1960s.

As the author adds,
Note: Mr. Breiman left out the MMR, Merck uses aborted human fetal tissue in that vaccine. Interesting comment about a safety advantage in using human rather then animal cell lines. They use monkey, chicken, pork, etc animal cell lines in vaccines. Also, he didn't mention the various additives such as formaldehyde, thimerosal, aluminum, gelatin, etc

(My queasy stomach isn't handling this well even though I knew all this prior to this post)
These vaccines have no non-abortive alternative:
Chickenpox, Hepatitis A and Rubella
In other words, you will be inoculating your child with a lineage of aborted tissue. One child died so yours may live so-called philosophy. That was enough to put me off vaccines entirely.
Here is a link for a group that makes it their business to be informed from a Catholic perspective:
Children of God for Life This is a great site and I should put it on my sidebar.
Also, they advertise the new book coming out from Jameson T.Taylor called America's Drug Deal: Vaccines, Abortion, Corruption
Fact: The chickenpox vaccine -- along with nine others -- is manufactured on tissue from aborted babies.

Fact: The chickenpox vaccine does not always work.

Fact: The chickenpox vaccine can cause serious injuries, including death.

Fact: Mandatory Chickenpox Vaccination is Subject to Legal Challenge

These factoids can be found in the link for the chapter on chicken pox vaccine.
If you are concerned with the vaccination issue, research it. Many parents think most of this is myth, it is not. This information is in medical journals. We intend to get every waiver and notarized document we need in place before the birth of this baby. I feel good about my decision and know I will not give in to the threats and scare tactics again. I hope this information helps someone.


Angela said...

Thank you so much for the information! I got here from Beth's blog. I knew about the aborted fetal tissue but haven't done a lot of research on it. We chose to delay some shots for our daughter and we absolutely do not want her to have the MMR. Now, that I am more informed I feel bad for having given her some shots. It is a definite struggle as our pediatrician does not agree with us on this, I think that's why she's gotten some shots, I've caved in at the dr's office. Our daughter was a preemie and I can't believe they wanted to "load" her up with shots when she wasn't even supposed to be here yet, and they actually told us she had no immune system! Thanks again for the info!

Anonymous said...

My children never had the MMR or live vaccine Polio or rubella. i have letters from the dept of Health confirming they were derived from original cell lines from particular aborted feotus'. We did use a separate measles jab & non-live vaccine polio. But we need to find an acceptable rubella for our daughters...

From Modest Means said...

Thank you so much for the information. I've printed it all out so this weekend me and my husband can take a look at it.
I did fully vaccinate my daughter and had no issues but as soon my son received his DPT he screamed all that night and all the next day. I talked to the Dr. and was told all was fine so unfortunately, he received the next one too. Same result and that lead me to try to get all the information I could. Now with my newborn son, I haven't vaccinated at all yet. I've never even heard about using as they put it "human cell lines". I'm completely aghast and have no polite words to say on that part.
Again, thank you.

FloridaWife said...

I had no idea!!!!

Thank you for highlighting this issue!

I cannot use these vaccines.

FloridaWife said...

I told my husband about this, and he was terribly disgusted. (Good Catholic man he is.)

Anonymous said...

We are currently getting ready to battle our state requirement to give my daughter the varicella vaccine...she has SPD (sensory processing disorder), which is fairly new in the lexicon but which is widely believed to be somewhere on the lighter end of the autism spectrum...I had NO IDEA that human embryos were used to establish these vaccines...Thanks, a few years later!