Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tagged. The love of Christ meme.

Da rules:
Those tagged will share 5 things they love about Jesus.
Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers.
Those tagged will provide a link in the combox here with their name so that others can read them.
1. Christ's simplicity. He taught love by simple means in a way that is timeless. He taught through parables, works of mercy, compassion and love.

2. His Church. There is so much to love about the Church, it's history, the art, architecture, hierarchy and so much more. Not to mention the truth and awe of what the Church and liturgy contain...

3. Christ's Mother. He gave His Mother to John and to us for all times. She has been a source of strength for me in some of the darkest periods of my life.

4. The Eucharist. He gave of himself in such a perfect way to strengthen and nourish souls throughout time.

5. Christ died for me. Nothing I can ever accomplish or give will equate that insurmountable love Christ gave on the cross. He gave totally of Himself for many. In this sacrifice, He gave so we may live eternally.

I am tagging laurathecrazymama, Never Fading Wood, A Catholic Wife's Trying to Conceive , V for Victory! and Catholic Mom of 10.


Anonymous said...

Will do asap..

God bless

Lily said...

Working on it right now!
Thanks and God bless.

Anita Moore said...

Tagged again, dagnabbit!

I'll work on it after work. :)

FloridaWife said...

I will work on this over the weekend. God bless.

Anita Moore said...

Okay, it's been over a week, but I'm working on this right now!