Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My "offer it up" of the day...

Religious school transport privilege axed in Cheshire
May we mothers all see Jackie as an example of Catholic motherhood. One question for those in the UK, do you pay a tax to fund public education that you do not utilize? If so, can't they see this as "getting back" for your funding? If you do not, can the schools or churches help offset this money? It seems a lot to me.
Mrs. Parkes, you have my support and prayers(and I will offer up whatever befuddles me this day to your intentions).

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John Kearney said...

Hey, there. In England the governement pays 80%of the cost of running schools. The Catholic Parishes have to find 20. In Scotland things are quite different and schools are maintained 100% with no further contributions needed. NOthing else is paid. Unfortunately with the social structure breaking down more a more money has to be found by Councils to support social services, education, etc. Lack of money is really acute and so the Councils will obviously go for the soft options first such as a minority school transport. But the whole system is breaking down.