Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How it is played...

I have read some of the secular media's spin on Summorum Pontificum and it should not surprise me but it does. We, as Catholics, should always pray for the conversion of Jews and other people who do not yet have the fullness of the truth. Why? Because it is right and just and it should be done out of pure love for that people. Here is a link to one such story on the matter:
Text of two missals for Good Friday service and prayer for Jews

And the following from Boston College:
Impact on Interreligious Relations of the Potential Wider Use of the Latin 1962 Catholic Missal

The wording, re-wording and gist of the wording is all the same: conversion. We would be negligent if we did not pray for those who do not have the fullness of faith. By not agreeing, it is also saying that we don't truly believe what our faith teaches. We are to go into the world, be an example for Christ and pray for those in darkness. I pray for the conversion of Jews out of love(I have MANY in my family). I want them to experience the joy I have through Christ. Why wouldn't you want that for all God's children? We get PC, hung up on semantics and bogged down with diversity to the point where we do disservice to those who need our prayers and outreach. It is a minor point for some in the Catholic-Jewish community and a big deal for others. If they truly understood, they should be upset if we neglected or did not pray for their salvation.
We are not baptizing them as the LDS do on dead or alive, whether they like it, know, or not(I still don't get that and I have known many LDS). The early apostles did not tiptoe around a call to conversion. That was their mission. It should be ours. Not just for the Jews but all people to come to the Truth found in Christ's Church. Amen.

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Lily said...

This is so true, we are called to do more to convert souls, but it is a difficult charge. Especially when you feel like you are hitting a brick wall. We can and should always pray, it is the very least we can do.