Monday, May 7, 2007

The Big Day

We made it through. I have learned an important lesson. God in His mercy is able to overcome even the bleakest of situations to bring about miracles. Regardless of what happened yesterday at Mass(I will get into that later), my beautiful son received a joy like I have never seen in this most precious sacrament. I am sharing this photo so you can see this is why I do the things I do. This child who no one thought would be able to get through school, much less a Catholic school, is on honor roll and just made his First Holy Communion. And all this happened because of God's goodness and mercy. Do not for a minute think the evil one did not "try" to ruin our day. My husband had 4 prank phone calls during Mass even though he had his phone on vibrate, for example. Regardless of all this "stuff"(I will post separately on that) I prayed for the aid of St. Joseph, St. Michael and our Blessed Mother throughout and didn't let this "stuff" ruin the day.
The weather was gorgeous, the dinner was excellent, beautiful cake, lots of family and friends and my dear son was a changed man. I have never seen him so happy and full of excitement. His autism usually masks these things. He made rounds after opening gifts to give hugs and thanks. This from an autistic boy. I hope by his example people can see why God allows conditions such as autism into the world. He is an example of unconditional love and of total dependence on us, his parents for almost all things in life. Isn't that what God calls us to? To trust in him only and to love unconditionally? Not even Satan could stop that boy yesterday, although he tried hard. That sacrament meant so much to him, he waited for so long, he understands love and he "gets it". If he never becomes a priest, a doctor or a fireman, he will have done all and possibly more than these. He has been given the gift to know, love and serve God. That is success in my eyes. The world will judge differently and that's to be expected.


Ma Beck said...

What an adorable fellow!

Jacob said...

That is so wonderful!! I hope that your son has better memories of his first Holy Communion then I do of mine. I really don't remember mine at all. (Shows how important it was at the time!) May all of you be blessed with an increased awareness and awe of the mystery of Jesus Christ fully present in the Blessed Sacrament.

a thorn in the pew said...

Thank you. I think he will. We totally focused on the sacramental beauty and not on the "stuff" so he is still "holy" according to his exact words. He really did change yesterday, it was something to witness.

Coffee Wife said...

I had my first holy communion at age 23 and I remember it so well! I felt a tad bit odd at confirmation six months later whilst trying to blend in with all the young kids!! "Don't mind me!"

It looks like your son had a wonderful day!