Monday, May 7, 2007

The "Stuff"

I am posting briefly on the "stuff" because I refused to let it ruin the day. If I hadn't prayed throughout the day, it would have been worse, I'm sure. I am writing on this because it is truth and I'm not one to act like it was a perfect day(I didn't expect it to be). What I am mentioning did not effect the joy and memories of the day but they happened. There you have it.
This was a spiffy song to sing after communion:
Jesus Wine of Peace
Jesus wine of Peace, wine of love, may we drink of you, may we taste your presence, your promise, our future. Drink well and live.

A ditty from my favorite doctor of liturgical hymnody, David Hass. First I ever heard of this song. I asked at the party and when I told them the title and how it went, they thought I was joking. Here is another bloggers opinion on this song I found:
Jesus, Wine of Peace by David Haas. Yes, "Wine of Peace". It's like "Bread of Life" only hippier. I specifically remember when Jesus said, "I am the wine of peace. Those who come to me shall not argue." This song is crap. The song switches between the point of view of the parishioners and Jesus' point of view. You know, when we sing at Mass, aren't the songs supposed to be worshipping God? What does it say about us when we're singing from God's point of view? Think about that.

I just thought it worth mentioning because it sums up how I felt about it. Crap. Oddly enough, they threw in the 1958 version of O Sacrament Most Holy. Then another drivel tune, Table of Plenty, where we all sing about how we are "getting this party started". Some lyrics, in case you are unfamiliar:
O, come and sit at my table
where saints and sinners are friends.
I wait to welcome the lost and lonely
to share the cup of my love.

Who is saying to sit at my table? Me, us, God, Dan Schutte? I dunno. Here is another link to Adoremus' take on this hymn and others. Cult of conceit is a nice way to describe this schmaltzy stuff indeed. Then as expected we had people in shorts, jeans and halters, including parents of communicants. The noise in the church was deafening. The significance of the children receiving the sacrament was lost because the parents went up at the same time. Then there was the huge parade of untrained Eucharistic extraordinary persons with cups and such. Yes, untrained EEP's administering a sacrament to a child. Like I stated before, we passed on this. I understand the GIRM on this, not disputing but if it is "more complete" what then is "less complete"? Are those of us receiving the Body of Christ only less complete? Does it not contain body, blood, soul and divinity? Is this to placate those who can't wrap their brain around transubstantiation? Don't believe in the True Presence? I give. It was like an army with cups up there. Sorry, it was. And because the parent of the communicants were not catechized, they were lost yesterday. Most didn't know what they were supposed to do, where to go or that it might be a good idea not to talk like they were in a gymnasium before and after Mass. I was thankful the principal announced prior to Mass that people should sit down and remain silent the 5 minutes before Mass. If that didn't speak volumes about how our church/parish/diocese feels about Christ's presence in the Eucharist, I don't know what does. So there's the "stuff", it happened and it is what it is. None of it stopped my son's First Communion or the joy in our family.


Ma Beck said...

Congratulations to your son.
I am sorry that your pastor allowed such blatant disregard for Canon Law, not to mention good taste.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that the Eucharistic Ministers were untrained? I was one and I am trained. On another note-for you to say that the "stuff" did not ruin your day, it sure seems you spent alot of time taking in all the "stuff".

a thorn in the pew said...

Because one of them said to a friend "we just go up there" when asked if she was trained. Regardless, they are extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. So you are one at our parish? And they made sure you received all your sacraments and were in good standing with the church and were properly trained? The ones yesterday looked totally confused. I didn't spend all day taking in the stuff. I didn't have to look hard to see the woman coming out of her top or the song about Jesus wine written by a gay Jesuit. I'm not blind or deaf. If you can overlook all that garbage at Mass you probably wouldn't see a plane if it landed in your backyard.

Coffee Wife said...

"Jesus Wine of Peace
Jesus wine of Peace, wine of love, may we drink of you, may we taste your presence, your promise, our future. Drink well and live."

What does THAT mean?? What a bunch of bunk! Last night at Mass we had hideous music. One song was all bout God's love and the lyrics were so brainless and cheap I wanted to scream!! "Love...His love. His law. His law is Love..."

God save us from bad music at Mass PLEASE!