Monday, May 7, 2007

Hippie theology

In my searching for the rancid hymn of the Jesus/Wine/peace song, I found this list of questionable songs on CanticaNova website.
The following hymns, while purporting to be "Catholic Eucharistic" hymns, may be of suspect theology and perhaps also of dubious music quality. They are best avoided, their unfortunate popularity notwithstanding.

- Anthem (Conry)
- Bread for the World (Farrell)
- Bread of Life (Cooney)
- Come, Taste and See (Becker)
- Eat This Bread (Berthier)
- Gather Us In (Haugen)
- I Am the Bread of Life (Toolan)
- I Am the Living Bread (Haas)
- Jesus, Lamb of God (Farrell)
- Jesus, the Bread of Life (Brown)
- Jesus, Wine of Peace (Haas)
- Look Beyond (Ducote)
- One Love Released (Frenzel)
- That There May Be Bread (Weston Priory)
- The Supper of the Lord (Rosania)
- To Be Your Bread (Haas)
- You Are Our Living Bread (Joncas)

This site has valuable information on hymns and a realistic approach to music used at Mass. The problem is, we are now too lazy to do anything about bad music. Until we have accountability with the liturgy and music, nothing will change. We as members of the English speaking countries in the Catholic church need to boycott this garbage music and quit lining the pockets of OCP and others that keep feeding people's souls with bad theology and John Denverish tunes. Because it has gone on for so long, it is like a bad stink we can't wash out of our clothes....or our churches.


Anita Moore said...

Let us not forget Bernadette Farrell's quasi-Marxist, raised-clenched-fist "Alleluia! Raise the Gospel!", or her husband Owen Alstott's ubiquitous, insidious and intensely mediocre (at best) responsorial psalms, or the pop-psychological nonsensical "In These Days of Lenten Journey" by Fr. Ricky Manolo, about which I blogged during Lent.

Coffee Wife said...

Too lazy??? Have you ever tried to get the feminist music minister to release her iron grip on the bad music?? It's no joke taking on the polyester pant-suit brigade!!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...
heehee, I'm a card-carrying member!
warning: if you go to this site and sign up and check out the "alternative lyrics" for some of these bad liturgical songs, you might pee your pants laughing!

a thorn in the pew said...

I love that site! I should see if they added any new ones.