Friday, April 20, 2007

Liturgical abuses just aren't funny. Seriously.

Wow, this would have come in handy today with all that hand holding. I wonder if there is some spray you can use to give it that authentic "sweaty palm" feel.....ahhhh, now that's a sacred liturgy at it's finest! H/T to Cristus Vincit for this great product! Also, equally as funny but should scare the dickens out of liturgical abusers are these gems:

Poor bunnies everywhere should be very afraid.

Even if you aren't a "cat person", spare the kitties, for the love of Pete. Follow the GIRM for the dear tiny kitties. H/T to Alive and Young

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Anita Moore said...

I could scare the ever-lovin' bejeezers out of some pushy old ladies with that Our Father hand. I just can't stand strangers who insist on grabbing me at Mass!

Thank you for your kind comments on V for Victory!. Welcome to my honor roll of Allies for Victory!