Friday, April 20, 2007

Um....where you practice religion.

We went to a Mass this morning at the Cathedral Basilica and did we get an eye opener. The children there were visiting from a Cincinnati Catholic school(trying to be a bit vague) and I was in utter shock at the lack of experience and education these children displayed. I'm not sure what goes on over in the Cincinnati diocese after this. They did not know when to kneel, stand, sit or even go up for Communion. No, I am not exaggerating. They tried to stand for the entire Eucharistic Prayer and on. They looked totally and utterly lost during the entire Mass which was a normal NO Mass celebrated by a wonderful and devout priest. (A side note, they sure did a great job holding hands and raising them for the "Our Father". Note: bloggers sense of sarcasm.) I would say they were about 6th or 7th graders. After Mass, they were to get a tour and Father asked them if they knew why it was called a "cathedral". One child hurriedly answered "Because people practice religion here?" Ok. Um. Hmmm. No. He went on to the next who said "Because it has lots of artwork in it?". Wow. This is getting eerie. He finally told them why and then we sang a traditional hymn from the missal that none of them knew. Sigh. What the heck is going on over the river?

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Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

What's happening is the the parents. godparents, catechists and priests of these children have not been doing their job.