Monday, April 5, 2010

Prayer Buddy Revealed

So I waited until today to reveal my prayer buddy. I have a package to send out and I wanted to send it last week but wanted to get to a special shop in town before sending. So I have collected my items, prayed like the dickens and hope I can continue for God to bless her.
My prayer buddy is the misfit. I wanted to keep her real name private, like me, she may have reason. I offered many sufferings and prayers and rosaries and hope that God answers her prayers. I will be sending her package out and while it was hard not to take away pain, I prayed more and cried more in hopes that her burden would be lifted.
I was happy to see her love of vintage decor, etc. as this is my background in my "earlier career" which led me to the designer I am now. I love toile, chenille, shabby decor and anything eclectic and different.
Easter was nice. We went to the traditional Mass yesterday, the reading of the passion on Friday and Holy Thursday Mass at our parish. We were not able to get to stations on Friday night because it took so long to get into Cincinnati with all the holiday traffic. We spent a bit of time with friends and family yesterday and all was good. This Lent was tumultuous but if that is what God needs from me, to get me to His Kingdom, then I will go and follow. Losing an inheritance is a game changer. It will change the way we live, it may keep me from homeschooling, I may have to go back to my college days and wait tables, I don't know yet. I want to fight for what is ours but the other siblings of my husband's are doing nothing and he was not my grandfather. I don't want to live with the regret we did nothing.
I am trying to find positives and be happy for all the baby announcements and births around me. Don't fault me or think I am being a whiner, I am being honest. I know my situation is different. I have three live children, I lost 4 to miscarriage and at my age, don't know if I will ever conceive or carry a child to term again. I now pray for God's will and hope that I can provide a sibling for my "typical" daughter who is the only one without autism. I see her pain and loneliness everyday and I offer it up to God for all the intentions I can. So, I will stay on my unique path. I will continue to pray for my IF catholic blogger friends, like I do everyday and hope in the end we all find God's will in our tears.
On a happy note, feel free to run around and hit the men in your life with a pussy willow branch today. When we lived in Buffalo, we learned of this wierd custom on Easter Monday. Yes, it's Śmigus-Dyngus Day! Everybody party!


This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I think the Holy Spirit did some miraculous matching up for Prayer Buddies this Lent! What a cool link you have with Misfit :) I love it!

I will be sure to whack my DH with some pussywillow today and when he looks baffled tell him, "A Thorn in the Pew told me to!"

Happy Easter!

Diana said...

You are in my prayers. I've lost 3 to miscarriage, have one here with us, and am slowly coming to the realization that my age may mean that our little one may not have any siblings. Happy Easter to you and yours!

WheelbarrowRider said...

What a funny custom!
I just wanted to say that, while I don't have children with autism, my masters is in this and I have a special love for those children and their amazing families. I have never met such strong advocates for their children (I liken it only to those with IF!) I can only imagine what an amazing woman you are. I am now focusing my career efforts on making all schools more conducive to all children, regardless of label. Positive behavior support and response to intervention make this possible and has made my faith in education return. I hope you are surrounded by good helpers. I got my start doing supportive home care at 17 and still stay in touch with my families.

Anonymous said...

Dear Thorny,

You may probably have aleady read,
Uniformity with God's Will
by St. Alphonsus Liguori
$2.50 from TAN BOOKS.
There is much comfort and holy advise. Simple, short, and sweet.
Perhaps it may help; it has helped both my husband and myself in other matters.
- Adrienne

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