Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Week, Prayer Buddy wrap up

Just a quick post. I have been very busy with school and my progesterone levels being super nuts have made me tired and dizzy most days. I peaked on CD11??? Wha?? That's odd. I don't read any symptoms anymore because it stresses me out and I get frustrated.
I have kept my lenten promises the best I could. I'm sure I could have done more(I always feel that way) but with the death in the family, more pregnancy announcements(not and stress over homeschool, I am also a realist. So I prayed for my prayer buddy and I am sending her package tonight.I hope it gets there before Easter but I may send an email on Easter just to say it's on its way in case it runs late. I am so tired as I write this. It is the "staring at walls" hour for me when I have to do something to get energy to carry on. I keep rubbing my eyes like a sleepy toddler.
On the political front, I have been following Trey Grayson's campaign more closely. I wish I had more time to volunteer, it's a bad time of year with school, grades and busyness. Politics is wearing me thin. I'm tired of the Tea Party, tired of the libertarian thing and need a respite from it all. I plan on spending the next two days with family and at church. I need to spend time with Jesus this week.
I prayed for all my blog friends with troubled pregnancies, miscarriage infertility and special crosses every day during Lent. I hope God hears your prayers and answers.

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