Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New post, Christmas and other musings

Firstly, I have been neglectful. I need to visit and share on this blog because(for one), things are beginning to look up on the fertility front. I had a wacky last month and couldn't even take progesterone because my P day happened two days before my next cycle started. I am CD12 and so far a 10CKL...hmmm...what???? I usually have P on day 19-22 so this is looking good.

I am NOT ready for Christmas. Nothing wrapped, still need to clean, bake more, etc. Mr. Thorn is waiting for me to stop typing so we can have some time to relax. It's been hectic. Homeschool, work and life took over. I miss blogging, I miss visiting blogs...I am just trying to balance.
I am hoping to get labs on P+7 and make an appointment for the first of the year to see what the dr. thinks. I am trying to be patient. Praying that God help me to find health, I am fairly over-worked and not taking care of myself. I pray the new year will find me healthier, and if I am diligent, maybe thinner. I hope to catch up and post again over Christmas but I'm still working on sending out cards and wrapping. I was sick over a week and that didn't help matters. I still keep blog friends in my prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Thorny,

May God, the Holy Ghost, guide you in His Way for you - I keep you in my prayers.

A Holy & Blessed Christmas to you and your family.

Fiat Voluntas Tua.