Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New stuffs and healthcare

We had a crazy finish to the end of our first quarter for homeschool and today is my first "breather". Things are going okay, I'm trying to focus on the basics, the kids like the extras(art, music, latin) so I try to do what I can. I got my bowels in an uproar after watching the congressional votes go down(live) on Saturday. It sicken me that people are getting so focused on abortion that they are allowing socialist medicine and control of our lives to waltz in the door. This is the evil one using what we hold dear, life, to determine our destiny. Am I the only one that knew the reason they allowed the Stupak Ammendment to even be an issue was because it was the ace in the hole that pushed it through? It was black and white as I watched it all unfold.
On another note, I am in my first cycle with prometrium supplements along with the B6 and D. I have 10 days of 8-10 CM of various types in this cycle. I started prometrium on P+3. Odd side effects but I will deal. I must mosey to teach another lesson and shower for my ds doctor appointment. I'm feeling frustrated today...not about homeschool, life in general. More on that later.

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