Sunday, October 4, 2009

Labs, labs, labs

Someone forgot to mention life would get nuts when I started homeschool. Haha. So here I am, not posting as often as usual. I am at the lab series for progesterone and estradiol again. Fourth month of attempting to get it right, timed right and get on with things. At my age, I don't have a lot of time for mistakes. I am still trusting God and hoping that satan is just trying to get me to give up(for a reason). I lost count of the obstacles. They include labs closing, wrong tubes for bloodwork(invalidating results), phone numbers to the lab that just "stop working", NFP chart all over the place and making no get the picture.
I sent away for holy cards, medals and enrollment to the League of the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague and hope He will be near me during all of this mess. With all on my plate, it is very easy to mess up, forget or lose things. I have to do lists and post-its all over now plus I send myself calender alerts via email as a backup. Does that sound crazy enough?
With all that, I am also trying to stay on top of school, keep my business going, order the rest of our books(art, etc), and keep the house together. Oh, and avoid my in-laws and all of their nonsense. I think I've remembered everything. I feel a bit frantic, I know it's not forever. I lit a candle at first Saturday Mass for my blog friends(actually, one of my kids did) who are struggling with M/C, IF and uncertain pregnancies. I will be seeing the doctor again soon and let you know what happens. Hopefully we will have labs that help me move forward to a treatment plan. Limbo is rarely a good thing.
P.S. - Thank you for the prayers. I can honestly say they have helped. Hope has returned with prayers and patience.


allyouwhohope said...

You are so busy! I just sit around with nothing to do but worry about IF. And when one additional stressor comes my way, I FREAK!

I'm praying for you. The fact that you say your hope is returning sounds very promising. Sometimes that is all we can ask for.. to remain hopeful in the Lord no matter what is going on around us.

Tracy said...

Praying for you, sounds like your life is just so crazy and hectic, I hope your able to find some quiet moments to take care of you.. that is so important!!