Monday, October 5, 2009

Labs are a go! 4 long months

I went for another blood draw tonight. The doctor called and told me O was on 01/10 and to continue. After 4 long months, I will finally get these labs done. Now, the phlebotomist was well...(I just went to confession). I said "I have deep small veins and they usually do well to use a baby needle and get one on the first stick". So she pulls out the ginormous needle, sticks me in the bend of the elbow and my arm starts going into involuntary spasms. Nothing. Pulls it out, then goes to a butterfly(still not a baby needle). Tries about an inch over, digs and digs, more spasms and pain, nothing. The she gets the baby needle, gets it on the first stick but in a wild location and the blood starts pooling under the skin and swelling before my eyes. She then tapes me up and says "have a good night".

Hey, at least I'm moving So I hope to get in to start on metformin, progesterone or something in the next week or so. Trying my best to balance everything and busy enough that I have little time to dwell on things out of my control(which is good). I hope to get more business work in this week. I'm trying to wear many hats. Thankfully our house is wired well with internet connections, laptops, etc. I have been trying to work on my site, emails, etsy, etc while the kids do independent work. I think I will find a balance eventually.


Tridentine Wife said...

I would be so upset which is why I guess you went to confession :) I also wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog!

Tracy said...

ouch, sounds like you had to really go through some pain, I feel just awful about that. As always, your in my prayers!!