Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yeah! for Catholic insurance. Really.

Today was the day at the dentist for all three Thorn kids. Check-ups, x-rays and cleaning. They all did well, no cavities. Mama, however, did not do well. They take all three kids back, I'm left alone in the waiting room with 2 pregnant moms(7 months plus), a husband of a pregnant mom and a prima donna mom. So the conversation turns to pregnancy, bed rest, we didn't plan this, etc. I did well, all things considered. The one preg mom says "my youngest is 7yrs, we didn't want more, then SURPRISE!, I'm pregnant". The prima mom says "I don't want more, my husband has had the consults and is supposed to have his surgery next month, I can't wait". She continues. "The worst part is we have CATHOLIC INSURANCE and they won't pay for it. It sucks because I am so done, even if my husband isn't. I'm overwhelmed with my two as it is."

So on one hand my brain is saying "you selfish woman, how insensitive you say such things in public while others cry out for life" Then may brain is going "heck yeah, why should your catholic insurance pay for you to play baby god?" Then I'm thinking...does your husband work for the diocese or do you have the Foresters insurance?

Good grief, what a lousy day at the dentist. As soon as all the complaining pregnant ladies and prima baby god lady left, the lump in my throat turned to tears. I told God I was sorry, I prayed for strength and I am now trying to move on.
Tomorrow is my appointment to follow up on the ultrasound. I hope for the best, I have been having pains, don't know what's going on. Satan has been working on me lately. Finances, homeschool, car problems, peace in our home, baby hopes, all of it. Back off bringing of fear and killer of hope! That's all on that.

I was also very troubled by a recent "appointment" in/around our diocese...I hold onto hope that everything in the dark will be brought to light. I am also thankful to be in Cincinnati(not Covington), to be free from the politics and garbage here. It has been a burden, occasion of sin and in the end, I have always been about following the truth. This is what led me to our parish we now call home and we look forward to Mass again(always).
Sorry if this seems random or vague. Those who have followed my blog for years know we have been through quite a lot. It should not be this much work and stress to follow the truth and be free from falsehoods and questionable liturgy. I pray it is cleaned up one day. I'm sure that is the hope of many Catholics. Until then, pray and hope. "Not worrying" goes against my nature and the way God created me ;)


Tridentine Wife said...

Wow I wish we had real Catholic insurance, that would be great.

Sew said...

What a thorn that dentist visit was and not the right thorn! Ugg! I am so sorry, I would have exploded!

I hope you ultrasound goes okay...Let us know the results!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you! As for 'Catholic' insurance, the word "miracle" comes to mind - HEY! Ya never know! I place my hope in The Blessed Virgin.

gemoftheocean said...

My sympathies. Sometimes I ask God, "why do You keep testing me like this? I've had about enough! I'm afraid of failing You!" But He keeps doing it. Apparently, He has more faith in my abilities to cope than I do.

FloridaWife said...

Ug. So sorry you had to listen to all that talk at the dentist. Catholic insurance mom would irritate me.