Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update from the doc

I went to dr. I thought I was worse off than he did(I don't know if that is a good sign). He wants to focus on the hormone issue that is causing me to miscarry. I feel I have underlying adrenal and thyroid issues, as did my last doc, but we are only dealing with one thing at a time. So I need a hormone screen starting on P+3 and going every other day to P+12. Mind you, this is with my three kids in tow. Hmm. I got to do it. He doesn't want me losing a lot of weight. Weh. I was hoping that I would be able to get back on my food plan and shed some of my "I've had it with catholic schools, miscarriage and the government, gimme something salty-sweet-then salty then sweet" thing I got caught in. So I will come up with a plan to take better care of myself without shocking my body.
After this screen, we will come up with a plan that I need to stay on for one cycle before we try to achieve again. He also said I have endo until proven otherwise. My OB/GYN never looked into that so that could have caused my M/C this whole time. But I have a plan, a direction and I will follow along whilst praying if this is what God wants for me. In the end, I just want to go where He leads.

On another note, I received the assessment package and enrollment info for homeschool today. We are going to try and tackle these this weekend. Pant pant pant. What have I got myself into?

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Suz said...

I just found your blog and read this entry. If you have not heard of it here is a link to the Pope Paul VI Institute :
They specialize in fertility issues while following Catholic teaching. They have helped many women I know both conceive and carry their children to term...

Also, good luck with homeschooling!! my sister has 5 kids and homeschools. She says it's busy, but she would not change it for the world! The first year is the hardest, after that it either get's easier or you just get used to the chaos... she can't decide which! ;)