Thursday, May 14, 2009

Divide and conquer

Exactly what the socialist wants. I worked cafeteria today but didn't pay much attention to the news. I have decided that liberal catholics are feeling marginalized and are choking on their peace, love and justice as they melt. If those catholics that voted(knowing and deliberately) for the king, accepting he is pro-death, committed mortal sin(as Archbp. Burke has commented on) what do we have left? Oh wait, sin doesn't exist.
I do believe God is allowing this to happen because in the end, you are either for God or against Him. You are either for the truth or get sucked into the pool of "compassion" and lies. This may be the turning point in the life of the American Roman Catholic. Perhaps a pruning of dead shoots. Anyway, I need to sew a ton of orders and had to type out loud. One of those days.

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