Friday, March 13, 2009

When Google makes me smile

So I was looking on the Z-Cam that Father had set up, a Google ad popped up that linked me to this:
Latin Mass in Cincinnati
Thinking I would somehow be taken to a SSPX/V whatever, I was shocked to see where it led me.
This was an "ads by Google"...a paid ad. Another interesting item was that my father went to the meeting to plan the Ravioli dinner. There was a huge turnout and they fed them all just for coming to the meeting. My mom and I talked and I said "wow, this must be the way parishes used to be". I have heard from others in my life, at various parishes, that the norm is "not enough volunteers" or a small group of people running everything and controlling the parish. This is new to us. Many people who really want to help and are appreciated. Odd. I'm not trying to be negative, I am just constantly surprised by how refreshing this parish is compared to what I know.
So if you are near the Cincinnati area, come to the Ravioli Dinner the Sunday before Easter. These are good people, a great parish and doing great things for the local church(feeding souls). I have been to the dinner, it is awesome and a memorable experience.

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