Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cincinnati Tea Party

I didn't post yesterday because I had a deadline with work. We took the family down to the tea party on Sunday and have photos to share. We had very little news coverage(one channel was downright biased in reporting.) It was on O'Rielly last night as well as on the national Fox News. The news chose to interview the one "Obama" supporter. When it got quiet(people trying to hear the speaker) she yelled "O-BAH-MAH" to which the crowd countered "GET-A-JOB". The experience was positive and I felt it important to instill a sense of patriotism and freedom in my kids. I see too many kids(and many more adults) that stand for nothing and it demands no respect. If you can't formulate an opinion and stand for something(and vote) sit down and be quiet. I'm now convinced most of the people who voted for Obama do not know world history or current events. They live in a bubble that is driven by pop culture and a self-centered world view. Those of us who care and are God-centered are left to mourn the loss.
Regardless, it was nice to see such a group of people and be a part of history. It became a real learning lesson for my kids(only one of my kids had learned about the Boston Tea Party in school. Creepy. I took care of that over the last week). I had never been to a conservative protest and I must say it was weird. People were so well behaved. They moved to help, said "excuse me" and were friendly and well balanced. I will definitely go again. I honestly hope we can go to one in Florida on April 15th(we will be on vacation then). I am reminded of the Archbishop Fulton Sheen quote I found last week:
The pacifist thinks that the alternative to war is peace; it is not. Sometimes the alternative is oppression. Sometimes certain God-given rights and liberties can be preserved only by resistance to that which would destroy them. And to defend certain basic God-given rights and liberties is not immoral but righteous.

Let there be war, if that is what it takes. I know many people are ready. I saw that this weekend. The hippies should be very afraid. My side has a lot NRA members. ;)

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