Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sign petition to support our Holy Father

Support Pope Benedict XVI Petition

Sign the letter of support for the pope !

Appeal from plain Catholic faithful.

This letter gathers different Catholic faithful, from different tendencies, who wish to support the pope in his brave gesture. The authors of this site assure you of the complete confidentiality guaranteed to the names of the signatories, the list of which will be transmitted only to the Holy See.

On January, 21st, You decided, Holy Father, to put an end to the excommunication which pressed on the bishops of the The Society of Saint Pius X. By this brave gesture, You acted as the minister of the herd entrusted to You by God.

You can read the rest and sign the petition at the above link.

Also a word to our "Catholic"(CINO) politicians and other liberal dissenters, kindly back off. The wonderful thing about our church is that it is governed by the Holy Spirit, not mere mortals. Most people are judging based on misinformation. Anyway, sign the petition.
(I am still very sick with a bad head cold. I have not forgotten the blog give-away.)

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