Monday, February 2, 2009

I am for hire

I just figured out how to solve the entire economy issue in less than 18 months.
1. Remove all green laws for business and commerce. Use common sense people.
2. Reward businesses who hire manufacturing and service positions in th US with massive tax breaks.
3. Use a PSA and other media to start a pro-USA product and services campaign. Highlight the value of buying US made products and sourcing our service sectors to US companies.
4. Penalize corporations that source jobs overseas with a high tax rate to bring the products back into the US for purchase. Enforce safety regulations on the food and product imported for toxins, etc.
5. Encourage competition of US products by allowing US products to be sold tax free to Americans. Imported products will be taxed.
5. Reward government contracts only to businesses that hire and source in the US.
7. Cut non-essential government research.
8. Discontinue funding to state special interest projects.

This is my brain on "I am sick of reading doom and gloom about the economy".I am also under the weather with a cold thing. I am also freaked out about reading nanny state laws and regulations that our out-of-touch bureaucrats put forth that benefit next to no one(except the hope of getting themselves re-elected).
I think I have also seen our country importing everything we eat, drink, wear and use at an alarming rate. If nothing is manufactured here and soon nothing will be serviced here, we have nothing left to offer our own people. We can't as a country, continue down this road without long term consequences. Also, if we continue to abort our youngest people, who will be left to work when we are old? Other countries are facing this dilemma now on a smaller scale.
That's my two cents. I'm blown away that Pelosi and cronies thought no one would figure out their stimulus package was all a bunch of crap. I feel better writing it down. Maybe since there is nothing I can do about government. All I can do is vote and write my representatives. When that doesn't work, prayer is all that is left.
On another note, the CPSIA law has been given a stay of one year for books and clothing. Another bad idea/nanny state law that will put people out of business. At least I have a year to decide on another avenue or means of income. Apparently they were hammered, at a grassroots level by little guys who cried out "save our business" and it worked...for now. Thanks for the prayers.
(I'm going to have little Thorn draw a name in the next 24 hrs for the blog giveaway)


lowly said...

I wanted to say I really like your blog. I'm praying for you, and I added you to my blog list :)

Vent-ilation said...

You should send this post as a letter to your newspapers and your senators and representatives.

LarryD said...

Good ideas, Thorn - but unless you're a tax-cheat, no one in Washington will care that much. ;-)