Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting ugly

I have been working(long days, not taking breaks) in the last few days. I have read some of the liberal banter through the media and it's overwhelming. I'm speaking of the church, not politics. The situation of the Austrian "bishop rejection" is disgraceful(see here). We have resorted to bullying to the breaking point? Unreal. Then there is the constant barrage of media bias against the SSPX issue and the Holy Father's decision. On a local level, there is a big "event" with a much anticipated visitor this weekend and the silence is deafening. Thankfully, there is some attention given in the diocese of Lexington but I doubt will be any words coming from Covington. It is no secret that this diocese is not welcoming or open to tradition. It is frustrating.
I don't get the battle, really. If orthodoxy were given the chance in this diocese(not batted about like a hot potato no one wants to handle) the effect would be wonderful. Instead we focus on money and social justice. Great. Way to go on the soul saving. A parish becomes a club run by lay people who don't know their catechism from their Sunday paper. In the last year, I have been in conversations with people in one parish or another(various parishes that have a great, holy priest at the helm) and they sum up their relationship with him as "I don't agree with him on most things, I'm only there because I am Catholic and will always be Catholic". What the? Now mind you, this is not one specific parish or priest. I have heard this from various people in the diocese but the theme is the same. Here's a news flash. These people are dead wrong and don't believe what the church teaches. When does our patience with these deniers need to expire? If you don't believe the teachings of our faith, why stay? This is not an isolated conversation. I have had this conversation with at least 5 people in the diocese since around November. When a priest stands firm on life issues, liturgical norms, canon law and social/sexual moral issues, the people go postal. It is not okay to skip Mass on Sunday and sleep in. It's far from okay to have pre-marital relations. You can't have IVF or use the pill to maintain your selfish lifestyle. No, don't vote for a socialist pro-abort. People in Covington don't want to hear it from their priest or anyone in the church. Why criticize the priest or our Holy Father for standing firm in our faith? Because you view them as out of touch? I want to believe my church isn't going to change like the next pop fad. I need to know there are certainties in life. Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell. The church. All the other stuff can line up behind those very last things. Social norms and fads change. Pruning needs to take place. You either stand for truth or you are trapped in the lies of modern times.
See what happens when I work in long periods of quiet and can pray and think?
I am praying for our Holy Father and hope for a new period in our church. We have been through over 40 years of this failed social experiment called "spirit of VII". Convents are empty. Pews are bare. Vocations are down. Pray and fast for real hope(sorry about that word, it was just there). Instruct our children to hold fast to the truth. They need to be given the truth. I think we are in for a battle. What the Holy Father is experiencing is just foreshadowing. Maybe this is the coming of the death of mediocrity. I see sides being drawn.


Kathy said...

I feel for you. Our diocese is much the same way. Social justice outweighs orthodoxy. Going to Mass is really just social hour, there is no worship involved.

So we've taken the stance that we have to try in our own little way to make it better or at least drive them nuts in the process. Keep prayin'.

Adrienne said...

Thorny - there are way too many us going through the same thing. Will it ever end??