Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why fake ecuminism?

Kentucky’s bishops make statement regarding Pope Benedict’s excommunication decision

Missed the point. Reiterating commitment to Vatican II is not the point of lifting the excommunications. It is frustrating to live in a region where I'm surrounded by people who don't get it and no one wants to be accountable for what is important. True ecumenism treats those of other faiths with respect and dignity while praying for them to be led to the one, true, apostolic church. This does not mean a blanket "everyone is right, let's all hug and sing On Eagle's Wings". What would be the point of truth if anything passes for truth? Why be Catholic? It's hard, for crying out loud.
While I agree with the statements regarding "perception" of the decree and how it was turned by media to mean the Church accepts Holocaust deniers, other aspects are misleading in this statement.
The SSPX is not going to accept the crap that Vatican II has become(due also to false perceptions and interpretation) anymore than I am. Can we admit that allowing protestants and others to shape the direction of our faith might have been a bad idea? Can we admit that there was some good in VII that has been lost or misinterpreted? When 54% of our Catholic(whatever that means anymore) population voted for a pro-abort president, our hierarchy is failing us. We aren't all the same, we won't all be "saved" and false ecumenism and the "spirit" of VII is being perpetuated by bishops and rogue priests daily. Those priests trying to set an example of sanity and authentic Catholicism are harder to find or being silenced by hippie lay people trying to take over our parishes and run them into the ground both liturgically and by emphasizing ridiculous retreats, social justice and fun crap that has nothing to do with saving souls and innocent lives.
I am a firm believer that ecumenism should be approached in a manner similar to the Right to Life movement. Seeing people of many faiths come together to support a common issue is both beautiful and right. We do not need to turn our parishes into pseudo-protestant churches and agree that we all have the same beliefs which will result in a blanket salvation for everyone that holds hands and prays together is nuts.
I don't sanction traditional Catholics who think anti-semitism or any hatred, for that matter, is acceptable. If you love someone, as we should any of our fellow men, pray for them. Pray that they find the truth, that they be led to the fullness of the truth that our faith offers. From Reconciliatio et Paenitentia, the Holy Father says:
It should be repeated that, on the part of the Church and her members, dialogue, whatever form it takes (and these forms can be and are very diverse, since the very concept of dialogue has an analogical value) can never begin from an attitude of indifference to the truth. On the contrary, it must begin from a presentation of the truth, offered in a calm way, with respect for the intelligence and consciences of others. The dialogue of reconciliation can never replace or attenuate the proclamation of the truth of the Gospel, the precise goal of which is conversion from sin and communion with Christ and the Church. It must be at the service of the transmission and realization of that truth through the means left by Christ to the Church for the pastoral activity of reconciliation, namely catechises and penance.

If we return to the truths of our faith, we won't be knocking our brains out trying to diminish the sacraments, devotionals and catechises of the faith. I have been in parishes that have stripped the right to life group, stopped having processions, engaged in ecumenical prayer nights(hack, cough) and other such absurdities. Many parishioners left, but that didn't seem to matter(or stop the bleeding). It is our duty to go to church to feed our souls. That has everything to do with our family's decision to leave to diocese and go to Sacred Heart in Cincinnati. I have hope that the new archbishop is supportive of the traditional community and even addressed a letter to be read before the homily. That has never been done in Covington. I doubt it ever will. I pray for change but in the meantime, we have found a home that won't move every year to a new "location".
Sorry for the lengthy post. I can't sleep. The statement, by the Kentucky bishops, on it's own is positive and needed. But the actions of our diocese do not support this. I have not witnessed ecumenism that is in line with true catholic teaching. I have seen the protestantation of parishes in the diocese that saddens me. I have also been personally involved in the Latin Mass Community being kicked around so much that the majority of us are supporting Cincinnati parishes now(and some, unfortunately joined the SSPX...or re-joined). This is not what our Holy Father is working toward. I have seen our diocese regress in treatment of orthodoxy and a respectful liturgy. There are a some wonderful priests and seminarians. I feel some priests have to put up with a lot from rogue lay people who want to call all the shots in a school or parish. I have become so frustrated, I finally gave up. Anyway, I need to protect my family and somehow, instill a Catholic identity which I am positive is crucial to fostering a life-long love of the church, her history, traditions and truths. My children need to be part of the church, not spectators. If you fault me for that, too bad. Seriously.

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Dymphna said...

I hate to say it, but I think that most Catholics are really romanized protestants these days.