Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anger doesn't begin to describe...

My oldest has been really ill lately(we have had labs, tests, screens, etc. and don't know if it is med or health related) and I DIDN'T need this on top of what I have on my plate. I picked the kids up from school and found out they had been forced to go to the SAFE TOUCH program without my knowledge or permission(the group that does this is a secular place associated with United Way and receive government funding, nuff said). We have always been given the papers to opt out and I am still in shock. You want to know why parents homeschool....ummm...hmm. I don't want to go into much more about this. I'm too upset. The bishop is wrong, the diocese is wrong, the schools are wrong. Quit selling out our kids over gay pedophile priests. Period. I didn't start or contribute to the abuse and yet, I am bearing the brunt of the crap as a result(and my innocent kids). Oh, and it's my anniversary today. This is kind of overshadowing that whole event.
For the record, I have talked to my kids about abuse and perpetrators and what's okay ON MY TERMS. It's my job. That was taken away from me. I'm so done with this diocese. I'm just a parent trying to raise my children to love, know and serve God. That is an impossible task in the Covington Diocese. I have tried, relentlessly. I need to log off before my anger consumes me. I am going to pray about where to go and what to do next.

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Sew said...

I love the line I didn't start or contribute to the abuse yet I am bearing the brunt of it....I get it! That is beyond maddening! Oh I could write so much more about my anger towards this subject. If only I could express my anger in a clam and collected manner. :)