Monday, January 12, 2009

I've been to a bar with a band with no, la, la, lalala...

Wild and wacky weekend here. Mr. Thorn and I are celebrating 13 years this week and my parents watched the kids so we could get a night out. We went to an Irish restaurant for dinner and then a local bar with live music for the rest of the evening. Dinner was excellent(I had a boxty trio and potatoes with kale). The band at the bar had their first gig and didn't have a name yet....hmmm. Mr. Thorn freaked out the singer(without realizing it) and his mike went wacky and he had to stop a James Taylor song. It was just funny and loud and we wound up "texting" each other on napkins with a pen because we couldn't hear over the music.
We were able to meet my parents at Mass over at Sacred Heart and then joined then for coffee and doughnuts afterwards. Homily was most excellent(would make a liberal Catholic run out with flames coming out of their ears) and the family spent a day here at home without fighting(very ni-ice). We ended the day with our long-lost buddy Jack Bauer(24), which premiered last night after being off the air for over a year.
Monday morning, back to work. I am very far behind with Spring lines with all the health issues and holidays. Also, an update...the CPSIA law excluded consignment stores from the dumb new law at the end of last week. We believe some fabrics will be excluded as well. Thank you for the prayers and attention you all have brought to this issue. It is working. We need to save these small la, l

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LarryD said...

congrats on the anniversary!

I, too, spent a couple hours with our mutual friend Jack - I had a Chris Matthews moment when he threatened the electronics guy with a ball point pen in his eye! Good to see that Jack is back!

DVR'd part 2 tonight, so spoilers!!