Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yow. What a conundrum.


What the hey? World's going to hell in a hand basket.

I have been at the doctor. A lot. Basal temps are still very low but the eating plan is interesting and I've been getting IV therapy and what they call a "push" to help my vitamin levels which are, no doubt, very depleted. Plus there is asinine spiritual stuff going on that, thankfully, I don't have to time to worry about. Honestly, it comes down to money and rich people(who sometimes, not always, suck). It's life in the Covington Diocese. Money speaks(unfortunately) and all I can do is pray for them(I don't have time for anything else right now.)
I have over 8 orders to complete before leaving and will probably have to pull an all-nighter. Being emotionally drained and detoxing(parasites/fungal/yeast/bacteria) is not helping matters. I wish I had a "flowers and sunshine" update but not today. I'm a firm believer that if God did not allow the murky sadness and suffering, we would never know how wonderful His grace can truly be. So I will try not to allow this all to consume me and unite it with Christ. Easier said than done.

We are trying up unfinished business and leaving town to be with Mr. Thorn's mother. Mr. Thorn's mother took turn for the worse and prayers are appreciated. She isn't eating and is becoming unresponsive. We have been praying for peace for her. I will update when I can from the hotel.


Anonymous said...

My prayers will be with you tonight especially, my friend. May God continue to encourage all of you by His grace.

Lily said...

Prayers for your MIL, and for all of your family.