Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We were out of town visiting my MIL and while it was difficult, I am glad we went and she even wanted to see her grandchildren(which wouldn't have happened if Mr. Thorn had went by himself.) She is not improving but staying the same with long periods of sleep. We will continue to pray.

I have had some questions regarding the regimen of food and supplements(via email) that I have been taking. The doctor is trying to shrink fat cells and optimize my hormones and ovaries(ability to conceive and hold a pregnancy). I have learned a lot. One of the most life-changing regimens is not drinking cold drinks. Nothing cold. I am to heat water, tea and coffee and that is all I drink(even to take supplement pills) This proved challenging while we were out of town but we did it. Typically, I need to eat every two hours to keep something in my stomach, always. This maximizes metabolism and keeps me from ever being hungry. The only challenge to this is on Sundays with fasting and High Mass. I will work this out, I'm still getting used to it. I eat nothing sweet(not even fruit, unless you count a tomato).

For the supplements I am taking Zymex II, Hydro Zyme, A.D.P., Cataplex EZ, Bil T4 & T8 and my dessicated adrenal and thyroid(for now). I still take my whole food supplement too. I know this seems like crazy jargon to those who are new to my health and infertility journey but to finally arrive at a doctor who doesn't turn me away with an "I don't know" is huge. When your organs and glands aren't working properly, you can't lose weight, get pregnant, stay pregnant or be anything resembling healthy. That is who I am right now. My basal body temps have been under 97 degrees this entire cycle. I am in heavy detox from yeast(candida), parasites and bad bacteria. These are found in most adults whether they want to think about it or not. They cause our digestive problems, sinus problems and a grocery list of other evil things. I've done detox before and this one must be working or I wouldn't be feeling like I do. The doc said "Give me three months". I can definitely do that. While it is a sacrifice having nothing sweet or a cold drink, I can use it for good and offer it up.

I know I have not been posting as regularly as I used to. I am saddened by events(spiritually) in my local diocese and just not wanting to go there for now. When keeping my children Catholic and prayerful becomes a full time job, I get worn out. I am not a crazed traditionalist. I am just a mom wanting to do right by my children and give them the Catholic identity that I did not receive as a child. In this diocese, at this time, it is nearly impossible. So, that's where I am with that.

If anyone wants more info on the doctor situation, let me know. I will keep posting about my progress and achievements. Hope is always a good thing.

P.S. - I know the economy is bad, the election looks sad and other heavy news. Is there anything we can do other than vote and pray? I live my Augustinian way of daily life as this: Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.

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