Friday, July 11, 2008

Mommy quote of the day

Mid-summer makes mommies nutty. My friend said to her son today "I'm not paying $2 if you are going to wash the car dumb".

We are now neck and neck in the momism contest. Last week I told the middle son "That's it, you have no brother for the rest of the day. You lost him."

He spent the next three hours asking if he could have his brother back. We do what we gotta do. We aren't mental, we are moms.


Anonymous said...

after a day of nagging i said to my 3 beauties, "when i'm old and can't feed myself or wipe my own butt are guys going to be nice to me?" my 11y.o. had to think about it a little too long.

Smirking Cat said...

My mom used to get frustrated and tell me she was calling the orphanage to come and get me. That worked until my brother told me the orphanage had table hockey...then I was begging my mom to go to the orphanage. Ahhh, memories!