Sunday, February 3, 2008

When will it end?

Soon? This is interesting. I wonder if this will come to fruition?(Look at the comments under the news for some insightful info)

Vatican official suggests reconsidering Communion in the hand

By the way, we had a wonderful celebration of Candlemas today. My son was able to serve and my middle son, who is usually timid about faith matters, said he wants his older brother to help him learn. Even if he is never able(because of autism), the presense of desire made me tear up at Mass. After a rough weekend of not so great news, it was a little gift for my unworthy self. As a mother, things such as this carry so much weight.


Alexander said...

Just one of the many harmful options that were spearheaded by the liturgical revolutionists in the 1960s. This “legalized abuse” could become illegal once again. I like this news. Now only if they can realize it in the several other harmful options that the New Mass caters.

cordelia said...

"when will it end?" not soon enough for me.
while we're at it could we get rid of Eucharistic, wait, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion? what an ironic title.

Mrs. L said...

thanks for this link! I was just discussing this topic with my husband because I found out my son is being taught (at his CATHOLIC school) that Holy Communion is only taken in the hand. Unbelievable!

a thorn in the pew said...

Yopu cannot FORCE anyone to take communion in the hand. I ran into this last year at my kids school and they were making all kids learn BOTH ways. As his parent, I saw no need in this and I scheduled a meeting with the priest to tell him my wishes. Forcing something that was never officially "approved" on to vulnerable children burns me up.

gemoftheocean said...

Thorn, RELAX -- IT. IS. QUITE. PROPER. TO, TEACH. CHILDREN the "HOW" of HOW To receive" either way.

Yesh. Like it or not, your children have the option. Would you prefer people who receive in the hand DON'T do it properly? Are you going to punish them if they don't do it your way?

Cordelia, I'm sure you mean well, but do you any idea WHY they are called that? Try the LATIN meaning of "extraordinary" not the English one.

It is quite wrong to teach children they MUST receive in the hand. But if they make that choice they should do so CORRECTLY.

In the hand:

The NON dominant hand goes on the top so the dominant hand picks up the Host and the Communicant faces the person giving them Communion and puts it in their mouth BEFORE turning and waltzing away.

I have seen BOTH methods done correctly and *wrongly*.

Now if the I-receive-on-the-tongue
thou types would universally:

#1 stop "bobbing for apples"
#2 tilt head back put out tongue out FLAT and far enough and OPEN THEIR MOUTHS, so the priest or EM doesn't feel like they have to cram It in your mouth with a pile driver.
#3 don't lick the priest or EM's hand
#4 don't be a "lizard tongue" or a "let me point my tongue straight down" person [These people of ALL of the "wrong ways" produce THE MOST likely "dropped" Host. OF ALL Communicants.]

a thorn in the pew said...

I have quite different reasons than most parents for why I feel as I do. Because of the autism, my boys need consistancy or they won't know when it is right and when it is not. They cannot read body language or subtle cues. In order to keep them from any abuse(they have tactile issues), it is best to go in the mouth only to keep from playing, dropping, or worse. As the parent, it IS my right to teach them, especially given their special needs. So for other children, it may be okay. As the parent of special needs boys, the church should respect my wishes and the 10 years of therapy I have spent with my boys teaching them how to do things and fit into society. I researched it long and hard before they received their first communion. Ralxing is usually not an option unless we are at a TLM. Consistancy, sameness, quiet and everything is expected. This is by far, one of the main reasons we pray the extraordinary rite Mass. It is a preference and works for us. I'm not a rad trad. I hope some of this makes sense.

gemoftheocean said...

In your case, then, it does. But the other kids should be taught both ways.