Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fertility stuff(with hope)

I have been making changes and hoping for some good news on the fertility front. First, Mr. Thorn and I started Weight Watchers(online). It has gone well, I know that just decreasing my weight by 10% will better my chances for pregnancy. I also want to just stop eating "junk". As busy as I am, I want to eat what is best for me regardless of the time crunch. I found a woman who writes articles for Associated Content that has had wonderful results taking care of digestive issues. What she is saying makes so much sense. After 40, our digestive system does not work as well and the areas of the body(adrenal gland, ovaries, uterus) that aid in getting and maintaining a pregnancy slow down because of poor absorption. Here is the link to her writings:

Secondary Infertility and the Digestion Connection
It is a good read(and she has other great information as well...a fellow Catholic, just a sidenote).

I am back on my regimin of supplements from the TTC store(I had a 3 month supply that I purchased 3 weeks before getting pregnant) I have also added Vitamin E which I reasearched. I also picked up Vitex from the healthfood store. You can read about the benefits of Vitex Here:
Vitex Info(scroll halfway down the page for Vitex)

So that is where it stands. I continue to pray, I am working to get healthy and I hope that if I am able to get pregnant(and carry to term) I can help other women. Anyone who has been in my shoes knows how difficult a miscarriage can be when you are nearing or are over 40 years. I cannot lose hope. The mere fact that I was able to get pregnant in August 2007 should give me hope.
I pray for all my preganant(and TTC) blog friends. Reading their stories gives me hope and is a help in my love for all things "baby". I don't think God would want me to give up. It is my hope for life that keeps me young and praying constantly.
A friend from church gave birth this week to her 8th child. A beautiful girl who I got to meet today. She is such an inspiration. Overcoming a miscarriage and other odds, she did it. Not to mention that she looked helathy and beaming with baby just days after giving birth. Never underestimate who you can influence and inspire by your life. I am constantly in awe of other women who brave the odds and the social norms to have many children and raise them in the traditional manner. They keep me going more than they will ever know. Hopefully I can be one of those women when I grow up. ;)


Beth said...

Yes, I want to be one of those women too!

Anonymous said...

i was at St. Bernard today and was wondering why Candlemas was celebrated today. Any ideas? It was a great birthday present for my youngest though! I told my DH i want to "mover our letter" to St. Bernard and he just rolled his eyes at me :(
ps. you will be in prayers, for successful...conception!

a thorn in the pew said...

It was announced that they were going to combine at last weeks Mass. I would have liked to have had it on the day of but it is a very busy place and so it was today. I was just glad to be there. You should move your letter ;) It was the best thing our family did last year.

Exspectantes said...

Prayers for you and your family, Thorn. Prayers in thanksgiving for your openness to life and prayers that the Lord blesses you abundantly!

KitBrookside said...

You continue to be in my prayers too, dear Thorn. It CAN happen!!!


Tracy said...

Just keep giving it to God, I know it is not easy, I know so many women who have struggled just like you but they have all told me the same thing (when I gave it to God and said, Ok Lord, if this is what you want so be it, if not, help me to accept it) and God answered them... one of those women was my own mom and the pregnancy was me!!! I will pray that God's will be done in your life, blessings!!

a thorn in the pew said...

Thank you for your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies!!! This is Lyn Vaccaro!!I see you're finding my AC articles of some help...I promise if you stay true to the way God designed you....your babies will come!! You were designed to HIS food and reproduce like the best of gardens girls. If your a "more mature" gal..just keep eating HIS food and you will improve your egg quality over time and the "golden egg" will hatch!! It takes us more mature women longer, however, it is are ALL things with God right? But, you all know that. Implore help from Blessed Mother!! She won't let you down! If you would like to read more regarding how to maximize your conception capabilities, you can find more articles that I've written on the subject on the Associated Content website. Just type in my name, Lyn Vaccaro and you'll see my profile page. Scroll beneath my credentials and there you'll find all my articles listed. There is sooooo much we can do without medical intervention to get our much wanted I said we were designed for this...we need to work within that design, and of course prayer will NEVER hurt...and implore as many Saints as you can too! Blessed Mother Theresa is one of my fav's...she is very powerful on the other side...and St. Padre' Pio!! If anyone can get something done over there...he can...look how much he accomplished on earth!! Heck, there are so many Saints to ask for help and it costs nothing, and never hurts anything. Take advantage of their vantage point...there so close to God!! I'd like to thank the gal that found my writings and thank you soooooo much for getting the word around about it. If anyone would like to contact me I'm @