Saturday, February 9, 2008

Is it Lent yet?

I'm being facetious. Things just happen, I have to think that God is molding me and making me into what He has planned for me. It shouldn't be hard but it is. I asked God to lead me and I should be content knowing He is taking care of me and guiding me. I spent the better part of the day in the family drama, in tears and frustrated. One thing I took from this...I am beyond fortunate not to have a psycho husband. I am half serious about this. I have witnessed in our family(my family and my husband's) such crazy and erratic behavior. I question what would bring a person to that place, to give it all up and for what? I am one who believes you should fight and make up in front of your children. That to me is healthy. They see the reality of marriage and relationships. It's couples that never fight(or communicate) or who fight and the kids never get to see a resolution that scare me. Eh. We fight, we make up, we hold hands, we play fight, we works for us. We probably don't realize we aren't normal. That's the funny part. One thing I am very thankful for, my parish(my new home). We are gradually spending more time there and hope to get more involved. It's tough integrating the new "Latin" crowd in and I'm being patient and thankful. I can't be anything else. We have an amazing priest and some wonderful people involved there. We will be looking into the school this week and I am praying for guidance. I am so very thankful for my faith. If I was a pagan, I'd probably just cry, make a voodoo doll and get some wild herbs to make a potion. The rosary and kissing my husband and babies is so much healthier. Sigh...I just but I do need to pick my chins up and move on. I will just hope. That is enough for now.


cordelia said...

yes, you do have an amazing priest,i imagine he would be able to give you good council with all you've been going through lately.

Tracy said...

Your relationship with your hubby sounds great and I totally agree that children need to see that their parents do fight and they do makeup and there is a right way to fight and a wrong way to fight... how else will they know what to do in marriage someday? We are the biggest teachers to our children!

a thorn in the pew said...

cordelia, I know I should. I never want to bother him because I know he is so busy. I know he would find time, it's not that.

tracy, he is great and I am glad he is sensible and a great fit for me. It makes life interesting when you can share interests but be different enough to complement each other, you know?